Tủ ấm nuôi cấy vi khuẩn Bench Mark H2200-HC

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Tủ ấm nuôi cấy vi khuẩn Bench Mark H2200-HC
Hãng sx: Bench Mark - Mỹ
With digital temperature control, the myTemp incubators provide
convenient “set and walk away” operation, eliminating the
need for external thermometers and repetitive “fine tuning” of an
analog control knob. Simply choose the desired temperature and
the incubators quickly begin to heat (or cool in the -HC model
only). Throughout the incubation, the chamber temperature is
constantly monitored and displayed in real time on the large LED
control panel.
Despite a modest footprint of 14.5 x 13”, the myTemp incubators
feature large internal chambers, capable of accepting flasks
and bottles up to 2 liter. The chamber temperature is accurately
maintained with a unique airflow design that utilizes multiple
internal fans, resulting in a high level of uniformity.
The incubators include two adjustable/removable shelves for
increased capacity. A mini nutating rocker (supplied with both
flat and dimpled mats) is also available for agitation of samples
during incubation and can plug directly into an included internal
power outlet.



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