Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Xenemetrix RoHS

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Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Xenemetrix RoHS
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The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

is a set of standards that limit the use of certain toxic metals in electrical and electronic equipment.

The fast quantitative analysis allows manufacturers to comply with the new regulations, while automatically identifying the matrix components and selecting optimal acquisition parameters for samples of various matrices, thicknesses, and sizes. RoHS fully complies with the latest RoHS 2 2011/65/EU directive and is ready for future regulation updates and upgrades.

X-RoHS + SDD Advantages:

In addition to the RoHS analysis, this innovative analyzer provides full qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements from Carbon (C) to Fermium (Fm) using state-of-the-art Silicon Drift Detector. While Xenemetrix does offer a system for RoHS analysis, the recent recast of RoHS regulations will affect a wider range of industries, thus the new system, being more powerful and versatile, will be able to cater for the wider range of industries

  • Accurately analyze restricted elements in no time!
  • Integrated camera and micro X-Ray spot for full identification of the area of interest.
  • Automatic matrix identification allows operation of non-technical personnel with a high degree of confidence.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly proprietary software.
  • Robust design.


Key Applications:

RoHS/WEEE compliance testing and screening of regulated elements (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, Br).

Petrochemical, Polymers, Metallurgical, Environmental, Minerals, Receptest, Custom Applications



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