Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Hitachi Hightech EA8000A

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Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Hitachi Hightech EA8000A
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EA8000A enables rapid detection and elemental identification of metal particles approximately 20 µm in diameter found in the electrode plates of fuel cells and lithium ion rechargeable batteries.
Metal particle contamination in electrode materials, separators of fuel cells, and lithium ion rechargeable batteries causes heat and fire and decreases battery capacity and lifetime. When the measurement parameters are set, the EA8000A automatically captures X-ray images, detects, and identifies metal particles, enhancing the efficiency of failure analysis and testing.

Particle SizeDown to 20 µm
Detection TimeApproximately 3 to 10 minutes(imaging 250 × 200 mm)
Elemental Analysis TimeApproximately 1 to 4 minutes per detection (subject to change depending on element and particle size)
ElementsAtomic nos. 12 (Mg) to 92 (U)
Sample StateSolid / Powder
Maximum Sample Size250(W) x 200(D) x 0 to 50(H) mm
X-ray Tube
(XRF Analyzer)
Small Air-cooled X-ray tube
Voltage: 45 kV
Current: 900 µA
X-ray Angle
(XRF Analyzer)
Bottom-up Irradiation
Beam Size
(XRF Analyzer)
30 µm
Fluorescent X-ray DetectorVortex® (SDD) *No liquid nitrogen required
X-ray Tube
(X-ray transmission)
Water-cooled X-ray tube
Transmitted X-ray DetectorArea image sensor
Sample ObservationHigh resolution lens and CCD camera
ControllerDesktop and 19" TFT monitor
Automatic Particle AnalysisX-Ray Imaging, metal particle detection, and elemental identification can be performed automatically.
Particle Size MeasurementDetected particle size (projected area) can be measured automatically using X-Ray Image.
Data ProcessMicrosoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Safety MechamismDoor interlock, Crash protection, Instrument self-diagnosis
Power requirementsAC200 V to 240 V ±10% Single Phase, 20 A



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