Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Hitachi Hightech EA6000VX

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Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Hitachi Hightech EA6000VX
Hãng sx: Hitachi Hightech - Nhật Bản
The EA6000VX High-Sensitivity XRF Analyzer is capable of determining hazardous substances over entire surfaces as well as measuring microscopic points in a specified area; tasks that are not possible using conventional XRF instruments.

ElementsAtomic nos. 12 (Mg) to 92 (U)
*Atomic nos. when using helium purge 11 (Na) to 92 (U)
Sample stateSolid / Powder / Liquid
X-ray sourceAir-cooled X-ray tube (W target)
Voltage: 15 kV, 30 kV, 40 kV, 50 kV
Current: 20 to 1000 µA
X-ray directionTop-down Irradiation
DetectorsVortex® (SDD) *No liquid nitrogen required
Analysis area (beam size)Square 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, 1.2 mm, 3 mm
Electric switching
Sample observationHigh resolution CCD camera, 2 system
Chamber580(W) × 450(D) × 150(H) mm
Both point analysis and mapping for entire 250(X) × 200(Y) mm
Filter6 mode automatic switching
ControllerDesktop PC and 19" LCD monitor
Mapping functionsAlign with sample image, Area integrated spectral display, Quantitative integrated function
Qualitative functionsSpectrum measurement, Auto-ID, Comparison display
Quantitative functionsBulk CAL, Bulk FP, Film CAL, Film FP
Data ProcessMicrosoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Safety functionsDoor interlock, Crash protection, Instrument seld-diagnosis
Power requirements
(Electric box included)
AC100 V to 240 V ±10%, 750 VA max.



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