Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Hitachi Hightech EA1000AIII

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Máy phân tích thành phần vật liệu Hitachi Hightech EA1000AIII
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The EA1000A III X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer achieves better throughout by shortening the measurement time by 1/3 compared with our previous model. The precision control software, which was optional for the former models, is now standard, improving the cost effectiveness.

ElementsAtomic Number: 13 (Al) to 92 (U)
Sample typeSolid, Powder, Liquid
X-ray sourceX-ray tube (Rh target)
Voltage: 15 kV, 40 kV, 50 kV
Current: 1 mA (10 μA to 1,000 μA variable)
X-ray irradiation directionBottom-Up method
DetectorSi semiconductor detector (Liquid nitrogen not required)
Analysis Area1 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm (automatic switching)
Sample imagingColor CCD camera
Sample chamber370(W) × 320(D) × 120(H) mm
Filters5 mode automatic switching (including OFF)
Operation unitLaptop or Desktop personal computer
  • X-ray Station
    • Qualitative Analysis (Spectrum measurement, Automatic ID,
    • KLM Marker Display, Compare/Subtract Displays)
    • Quantitative Analysis (Bulk FP, Bulk Calibration)
    • Routine Measure
  • Environmentally regulated substance measurement software Ver. 2
Data ProcessingMicrosoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Power usageAC 100 V to 240 V ±10%, single phase
Accessory partsTwo types of sample cup (for liquid and microscopic sized samples)


  • Sample Changer (turret) that holds up to 12 samples
  • Film Analysis FP software
  • Film Analysis Calibration software
  • Spectrum Matching (Compares with the spectrum of registered standard samples)
  • Environmentally regulated substance measurement software Ver.1
  • Various types of standard sample (Standards samples for environmentally control, Pb free solder standard samples, Pb free solder film standard samples)
  • Signal tower
  • Printer



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