Máy đo phóng xạ Polimaster PM1405

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Máy đo phóng xạ Polimaster PM1405
Hãng sx: Polimaster - EU

DetectorGeiger-Muller counter
Dose equivalent rate (DER) measurement range0.1 μSv/h − 100 mSv/h
DER indication range0.01 μSv/h − 130 mSv/h
DER measurement accuracy± (20 + K/H) %, where Ḣ – dose rate, μSv/h K - coefficient 1.0 μSv/h
Dose equivalent (DE) measurement range1.00 μSv − 10.0 Sv
DER indication range0.01 μSv − 10.0 Sv
DE measurement accuracy± 20 %
Alarm Typeaudible, visual
Thresholdsavailable for all types of radiation
Energy range:
Photon radiationfrom 0.05 to 3.0 MeV
Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV:
in the energy range from 0,05 to 3,0 MeV, no more than± 30 %
β- radiation flux density measurement rangefrom 6.0 to 103 min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2)
β- radiation flux density accuracy:
90Sr+90Y± (20 + А/φ) %, where φ – measured β-flux density, min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2); А – coefficient, 60 min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2));
β-particle flux indication rangefrom 0.1 to 104 min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2)
Energy range by β-particle flux density measurementfrom 0.1 to 3.5 MeV
Energy response by β-particle flux density measurement± 30%
Sensitivity for β-radiation:
90Sr+90Y3.5 counts·cm2
Count rate indication for β-γ radiation in the search modefrom 0.00 to 3.5·105 s-1 (cps)
α-radiation flux density measurement rangefrom 90 to 104 min-1•cm-2(cpm/cm2)
α- radiation flux density accuracy:
in 239Pu measurement range± (30 + А/φ) %, where φ − measured α- flux density, min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2); A – coefficient equat to the 900 min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2)
α- particle flux density indication rangefrom 0.1 to 104min-1•cm-2 (cpm/cm2)
PC communicationUSB interface
Operation mode setup time, no more60 s
Power supplytwo AA batteries 3 ( + 0.2; -0.8) V; external power supply
Battery lifetime:
- at an average value of the measured DER up to 0.3 μSv/h; - using LCD backlight, audible and visual alarm not more than 5 m/day, no more than6 months
Ingress protectionIP30
Drop test on concrete floor0.7 m
Dimensions148 х 80 х 38 mm
Weight0.29 kg
Operating temperature-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Humidityup to 95 % at 35°С
Atmospheric pressurefrom 84 up to 106.7 kPa
Mean service lifetime10 years



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