Bộ phân tích vi sinh hiện trường Trace2o AquaFlex MFX50

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Bộ phân tích vi sinh hiện trường Trace2o AquaFlex MFX50
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Flexible microbiological testing lab with battery pack option

The AquaFlex MFX50 system is a modular microbiological water safety laboratory system, designed for maximum flexibility, enabling users to tailor units to their exact requirements. The optional transit power pack (TPP) ensures continuous power supply for returning to a central laboratory, or a backup supply in the event of mains power failure.

The novel Integral Flexi-Frame system is compatible with aluminium and plastic petri dishes of differing sizes, NutriDisk pre-prepared media dishes for a variety of microbiological parameters of interest, as well as dip slides and multiple tubes, allowing compatibility with a wide range of microbiological test methods and apparatus. An extensive range of pre-prepared NutriDisks and dipslides are available from Trace2o, covering a range of organisms, offering a comprehensive microbiological analysis laboratory within a single compact unit.

The Integral Flexi-Frame system fits neatly into the large capacity single-chamber incubator, which utilises fan-assisted heating elements to maintain a uniform temperature profile across the whole incubator. The powerful heating elements offer rapid heating times to minimise wasted time during analysis, and have an extensive range of temperature set points from +20 to +50°C. A compact control panel with backlit LCD display allows time and temperature to be programmed, whilst external status LEDs allow verification of operation from outside the unit.

The MFX50 kit includes the AquaSafe aluminium membrane filtration unit and 50 aluminium petri dishes as standard, as well as consumables for 250 tests of faecal and total coliforms by the membrane filtration method, all housed in a waterproof hard shell carry case for easy portability.

The AquaFlex is the perfect solution for a semi-permanent microbiological testing station in a fixed or mobile laboratory. The optional battery pack allows for more portable operation. The power pack can be connected to the incubator in the back of a vehicle to provide transit power between the field and the laboratory, or can function as an emergency backup power in the event of mains failure in rural laboratories with temperamental services.

Microbiological testing

Sampling - Lightweight sterilisable membrane filtration unit, anodised aluminium construction with user-replaceable silicone gasket, rubber o-ring and glass sintered membrane support disc. Integrated sample collection cup with 5 metre steel sampling cable and lanyard. Hand-powered PVC inline piston design vacuum pump with ergonomic handle, silicone tubing.
Consumables - 250 sealed, sterilised membrane filters, 45µm porosity, 47mm diameter, gridded. 300 sterile absorbent pads with dispenser. 5 x sterile Membrane Lauryl Sulfate Broth sachets with indicating silica gel dessicant, sufficient for 250 petri dishes. Sterile deionised water for field broth manufacture. Field dechlorination sachets. Methanol for field sterilisation included as standard (subject to shipping regulations).


Single chamber incubator, full temperature and timer control, variable 20 - 50°C temperature range (ambient +5 - 40°C), fan-assisted heating elements, 16 bit backlit LCD graphical display, membrane push-button keypad, external status LEDs, Integral Flexi-Frame variable loading rack with capacity for aluminium/plastic petri dishes, NutriDisks, dip slides, 50 reusable aluminium petri dishes. Incubator dimensions - 246 x 215 x 162 mm, weight 1.7 Kg. Power supply: 12 V / 110 V /240V (via external power supply)

Power Pack

12V, 12Ah sealed lead acid battery with 230V AC inverter. 100W, 144Wh output. Non-spillable in conformance with IATA regulations. Visual power indicator with push-to-test button. Rugged IP67-rated waterproof case.

Kit accessories

Sample storage bottles, magnifying lens, forceps


487 x 336 x 229 mm (main kit), 300 x 249 x 196 mm (power pack)


11 Kg (AquaFlex), 3 Kg (power pack)


IP68, CE-conformity





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